The story of the United Irishmen Rebellion told through this tour is also the story of how radical republicanism grew in Belfast in the late 18th century.

Led in the North by Henry Joy McCracken, Jemmy Hope and General Henry Munro, they sought to establish a Republic in Ireland. While the native Irish Catholics suffered the brunt of British repression, the Presbyterians, although marginally better off, also suffered exclusion and marginalisation. The growing disaffection in Ireland was influenced by the French and American Revolutions. Belfast was the crucible of a rebellion that was stirred and ignited by the revolutionary ideals of the era and turned into popular agitation and then armed insurrection.

The rebellion was plotted and carried out by the Society of United Irishmen, founded in October 1791, which was forced into armed revolt by the unsuccessful peaceful and democratic pleas for reform. The uprising cost the lives of over fifty thousand people including most of the prominent leaders, but created a legacy of Republican ideology that would inspire future generations. This tour lasts 2 hours walking.

This tour will visit the locations, monuments and meeting places associated with this turbulent period in Irish History. Locations include High Street Belfast, and Clifton Cemetery, and Kelly’s Cellar Pub built 1720.

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The starting point of the walking tour is the Havana Restaurant on Berry Street. The tour ends in the city centre.

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