Milltown Cemetery has since 1869 been the burial ground in Belfast for republicans, nationalists, sports people, reknown poets and leading politicians, and the site of many British and Polish war graves. Internationally famous for containing the graves of Bobby Sands and other hunger strikers, in recent decades this cemetery has been visited by thousands of people wanting to learn more about the history of Belfast.

Our Milltown Cemetery Tour focuses on the three republican plots which are situated in the West Belfast burial ground. The County Antrim Memorial, the Harbinson Plot and the new Republican Plot contain the remains of IRA volunteers who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the cause of Irish freedom.

More than a simple tour, this is a journey through time to meet major figures of Irish history. You will hear about the richness of their lives and the strength of their determination.

The tour also visits the graves of many other personalities such as poet and singer Cathal O’Byrne, suffragist and trade unionist Winifred Carney, and the famous Celtic footballer Charlie Tully.

This tour lasts approximately 2 hours, it starts and ends at the entrance gate to Milltown Cemetery.

For more information, simply contact our staff by email at or phone 028 90 200 770.

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The tour starts at the entrance gate to Milltown Cemetery:

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Milltown Cemetery Tour

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