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At Coiste Irish Political Tours, we cater to Schools, Colleges & Universities for

  • tours of political, historical, cultural and educational significance.
  • Q&A and online discussions with members of the republican community, former political prisoners – republicans and loyalists, and former members of the British armed forces.

Your panel is the highlight of our trip every time. Thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge about the conflict, including your personal experiences and insights on identity, the military, growth, and the human cost of colonization and war. Thanks for your time, we are much more aware

Prof. Christine from Agnes Scott College, 2019

This provides a unique platform to explore further the motivations and outlook of the people behind the history.

This has been highly recommended by university groups studying areas of peace building, reconciliation, and conflict transformation.

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Customised tours and educational field trips suited to your needs in Belfast, Derry & South Armagh.

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