From Guerilla war to Government. This tour provides a fascinating insight into the resistance of the people in Ballymurphy to British rule in Ireland.

Every street has its own story to tell – not just by those who were involved directly in the armed struggle to end British occupation but those who lived there and witnessed events that shaped their lives. Come and meet some of those people as you make your way through a very proud community which produced some of today’s political leadership. This is a bespoke experience.

Over 50 years have passed since the first of almost 700 houses were built in Ballymurphy.

Who were the people and families that made this ongoing march from guerrilla fighters to government ministers possible? What are the social and economic factors that have created the cohesive, dynamic and determined community that is now Ballymurphy? What makes the Ballymurphy people so proud of their Irish language and culture?

During the 2 hours walking tour of this housing estate that has been at the epicentre of the Irish struggle for freedom, you may get the opportunity to hear at first hand this unique Ballymurphy story from the local people themselves as they go about their daily business.

View the vast range of murals that are dotted throughout the area

Experience at first hand this story of this proud Republican community.

This tour starts at the Ballymurphy Memorial Garden (junction of Springfield Road/Divismore Way) and visits the estate which was once home to (now Saint) Mother Theresa of Calcutta when she worked to assist the local population.

The tour ends on the main Springfield Road where public transport is available for return to the city centre.

For more information, simply contact our staff by email at or phone 028 90 200 770.

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The tour starts at the Ballymurphy Memorial Garden (junction of Springfield Road/Divismore Way):

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