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MEETING POINT: Coiste mural (Divis Tower – Divis Street)

This tour is a must do for the visitor to Belfast. It is a living history provided by those who have lived through the conflict and helped shape the current peace process of today.

For many, the Falls Road Mural Tour has been the highlight of their trip to Ireland. This particular tour has attracted visitors to West Belfast in their thousands in recent times. Many of them have had the unexpected opportunity to meet many leading figures involved in the current peace process and also those who were in prison as a result of the British/Irish conflict.

Former activists and political ex-prisoners from within the Republican community host this 3 hour walking tour and provide the visitor with an in depth insight into the most recent phase of the Anglo/Irish conflict. The guides weave their own personal stories into the tour as they visit many different sites that explain both the local and wider history of Ireland.

The tour starts at Coiste’s mural at Divis Tower at the bottom of the Falls Road and travels through West Belfast, visiting The International Wall with its many famous murals, and the Republican Memorial gardens. Included in the tour there is also a visit to the local Irish History Museum. The next major highlight of the tour is the internationally reknown Bobby Sands’ mural. The tour finishes at Milltown Cemetery, the site of Bobby Sands’ grave, where all three of the hunger strikers who died during the 1981 hunger strike are buried with other comrades who also paid the ultimate sacrifice in pursuance of their political beliefs.

At the end of the tour, your guide will bring you to the nearby Felons Club and restaurant where you will receive a complimentary glass of Guinness.

For more information, simply contact our staff by email at tours@coiste.com or phone 028 90 200 770.

On the map

You will find below the starting point of the tour, the Coiste mural at Divis Tower on Divis street: